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In this paper, we show you the key steps you must take to ensure the success of your VoC programme – whether it is based on NPS, CES or other metrics.

Your VOC programme is underperforming, and you know it. 1

A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If there is a weak link in the chain, this can harm business. Flexibility in financial matters reduces this risk. Reverse factoring offers this mobility. But supply chain finance done right can do much more for procurement. It can take the relationship with your suppliers to the next level – toward close cooperation that benefits both sides.

WIN-WIN-WIN - Everyone is a winner with supply chain finance 2

In the previous article, we talked about software provider selection. Now, it is time to setup your Project planning: project planning is a kind of roadmap that you need to follow to ensure that the project goes in the right direction.

12 Recommandation To Implement a Source-to-Pay solution-Fix and respect your project planning (Copy) 3

CYLAD Consulting has explored how CREM can be utilized as a short-term mitigation lever during the crisis and contribute to a faster business recovery mid-term. We have also hypothesized which structural changes could be instituted in the long run as part of a smart operating model, to secure the health and safety of employees and maintain business resilience.


E-commerce, mobile applications, social networks, marketplaces … The rise of new channels has significantly changed the habits of retail customers.


Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly having to forge partnerships, mainly due to the rising cost of research and development, the increase in the bargaining power of buyers, more and more restrictive regulations, or the evolution towards an integrated care offer.


Creating dynamic and healthy relationships between Clients and Consultants benefits the industry and everyone who is part of it. Once you have selected your preferred Consulting provider for the project and signed your agreement, it’s simply ethical to inform the other Consultants about the reasons behind your choice.

Top 3 benefits from Providing and Receiving Feedback in Consulting 7

Let’s take a look at how clients and consultants are responding to the challenges of distribution.

4 Major Flaws of Consulting That Will Foster Disruption 8

The disruption in the Consulting value chain can benefit clients in many ways. Due to the digital transformation affecting modern industries…

The Future of Consulting (Consulting 4.0) and How Disruption Can Benefit Clients & Providers Alike? 9

L’alignement des équipes de direction n’est ni absolu ni naturel. Une étude du MIT met en évidence que parmi les dirigeants et cadres, seuls un petit tiers (28% dans leur échantillon) peuvent citer trois des cinq priorités stratégiques de leur organisation. Au sein de l’équipe dirigeante, cette proportion ne monte qu’à la moitié (51%).


Consciente de son ADN et connectée à celui-ci, l’entreprise peut regarder les autres non comme des références absolues mais comme des sources d’inspiration, avec lucidité et sang-froid


BACK TO DNA - Pour construire l'avenir connectons nous au passé 11

To realize the significant performance improvement benefits of digital transformation, procurement functions will need to transform their workforce into one with skills in areas such as data and technology savviness, social media, smart automation, business acumen, strategic thinking, process excellence, customer service, relationship management, creativity and innovation, and change orientation.

The Next-Generation Talent Profile: How Will You Fill the Digital Skills Gap? 12

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Most humans don’t like change. We are creatures of habit and changes to our routines can create feelings of uncertainty and a loss of control. Changes at work can create concerns around an increased workload and the level of competence needed after the change. That is why developing and delivering the right change management initiatives is imperative to deliver successful change programmes.

Putting people back at the centre of your change – Design Thinking 13

Should disruptive innovation be the sole prerogative of start-ups or internet giants? Should incumbents only settle for incremental innovations, sustaining their existing offers and business models? Couldn’t they imagine drastically new solutions, generate new uses, open new markets, design new value-creating business models? With the Disruptive Engine approach, Theano Advisors helps incumbents seize disruption opportunities.


Nous voilà rentrés depuis quelques jours dans la troisième décennie de ce siècle. L’héritage des deux premières est chargé de tensions sociales, religieuses et politiques.


The procurement process is too critical to be left to a flat averaging of reviewers’ scores. Amidst this complexity, you should strive for clarity and simplicity. When evaluating proposals of prospective Consulting providers, this principle can’t be more true.

The 6 Little Secrets of Objective Proposal Evaluation to Help You Select a Winner 16

Demand management is a critical tool for procurement professionals and companies in general. Its implementation for the consulting category is a no-brainer if you want to keep your spend under control and aligned with your strategy.But what are the key steps that can ensure successful Demand Management execution?Below we have mapped out the steps in implementing Demand Management that you can easily apply too.

The 13 Key Steps in Demand Management Implementation 17

You might be nonchalantly asking yourself, why do companies hire Consultants? Great question! To improve a process, to save money, or to get a fresh perspective, but most of all, to get access to very specialized skills that great Consultants can bring in. And as the business environment constantly evolves, it’s safe to say companies […]

Understanding consulting fees to make smarter decisions 18

L’utopie des communautés des années 70 serait-elle de retour ? Maintenant je n’en suis plus si sûr. Voici de quoi vous faire votre propre idée.Virez les managers !

#Nomanager = no future ? Pas si sûr 19

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