Consulting Firms in Middle East and Africa

Even though low oil prices have impacted the economy, Middle East Governments are committed to increase revenues and diversifying to ensure sustainability. Large-scale infrastructure projects are underway with a positive impact across all industries. In Saudi Arabia, management consultancies industry is expected to be fueled by a growing demand for digital and cybersecurity consulting, as well as cost-saving strategies and financial consulting.
In Israel, despite a small home market, and limited opportunities to expand locally, the market remains a very dynamic environment for start-ups, finance and tech companies. In Turkey, continuing regulations for the banking industry, and infrastructural developments and growing investments into energy industry are the main drivers.
Meanwhile, Africa continues to position itself as attractive geography with double-digit growth in West Africa, particularly in Nigeria, and East Africa, benefiting from the reduced attractiveness of the Asian countries. In South Africa, the growth slowdown has impacted the consulting industry negatively, but the market is expected to rebound with the economy and benefit from the governmental push on innovation.

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