Consulting Firms in North America

North America is a healthy, fast-growing and highly-specialized market. With north of 40% of worldwide North America is by far the largest region. The USA represents roughly 85% of the regional market
In Canada, overseas clients’ spending indicates that Canadian consulting companies are becoming more oriented towards expansion in foreign markets. The main driver for the consulting industry is the growing demand for cost-cutting and operational optimization.
In the USA, Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, and Pharmaceuticals are the main drivers of the market. Risk and Regulatory Consulting Services has seen a significant increase due to new regulations and Cyber Security threats on the radar of many government and executives.
Without surprise, US companies tend to spend more on digitization and less in strategy, most of the investments with target innovation, marketing and sales, technology and operational improvements. Addressing both ends of the top and bottom line.
The market remains heavily concentrated around both coasts (from Washington to Boston and California to Seattle) with sizeable pockets in the Mid West and Texas.
In Mexico, Local business and management consulting firms are increasing their presence among foreign clients. The management consulting industry is expected to experience a CAGR of 6% over 2013-2019, due to rising FDI and growing demand in energy, telecommunications, and technology.

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