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  • HR shared service functions now have the credibility, tools and enablers to shape a new destination for their future. There has never been a greater opportunity to reflect on traditional perceptions, operating models, roles and responsibilities. It’s time to move on from HR Shared Services and become People Experience and Solutions Experts Our research consisted of a qualitative data survey, structured interviews with each participant and a review of the existing research on the future of shared services and HR service delivery technology. 
  • The future of work is at the heart of every major socio-economic-political debate raging around the world today. All of these discussions – be they about walls across borders, migrants landing on the beaches of Southern Europe, surveillance policies in Xinjiang, hard or soft Brexits, taxi services in Paris or the concentration of wealth among the 1% – are rooted in the topic of the nature and distribution of work. From work, and what is derived from it – money –comes power.

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