Best consulting firms by region, capability or industry

Have you ever found yourself browsing a consultant website and wondering: “what do they concretely do? What problems do they solve? And what are they actually good at?” The good news if we can refer to it this way is that you are not alone. Consulting Firms are helping others to define their value proposition, sharpen their strategy and optimize their marketing budgets. But they can bequite slow to embrace the internet and even more social media.
So to facilitate your future browsing we have tried to give you an overview of the key dimensions that characterize the DNA of a consulting firm.

Consulting Firms by Region

The specialization and segmentation of the consulting industry continue to scatter the market. Each region evolves at its own pace based on the maturity of both users and providers.

Consulting Firms by Capability

The capabilities are the services offered by consultants to mirror the business functions that client organizations need to perform. This dimension is crucial to describe the work in consulting.
You can organize the capabilities into six categories with different levels of importance in the market, typically linked to the difference in size and budgets of the associated client functions.

Consulting Firms by Industry

The industries served are the sectors in which clients of consultants drive demand for management consultancy. Unsurprisingly, demand increases with the amount of change in a sector and its financial resources.

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