The Future of HR Shared Services – Becoming People and Solutions Experts

HR shared service functions now have the credibility, tools and enablers to shape a new destination for their future. There has never been a greater opportunity to reflect on traditional perceptions, operating models, roles and responsibilities. It’s time to move on from HR Shared Services and become People Experience and Solutions Experts

Our research consisted of a qualitative data survey, structured interviews with each participant and a review of the existing research on the future of shared services and HR service delivery technology. 


In early 2020, we interviewed 25 global HR Shared Service directors from leading Private Sector and Financial Services businesses, ranging in size from 1,500 to 100,000 employees. Our white paper aims to challenge the traditional perception that HR Shared Services is simply a behind the scenes, administrative support function focused on the ‘hygiene factors’ of HR service provision.

We take stock of where HR Shared Service organisations are today in terms of structure, service offering, capabilities and use of technology. More importantly, we also explore how they are evolving and examine the characteristics that will drive future success.


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