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Information by consulting firm

Information by consulting firm

Information about consulting firms comes in two levels of granularity.


The overview provides details on :

  • The size of the firm
  • The year of creation
  • The ownership structure
  • The number of offices
  • A few lines about the company

By clicking on the view profile link you access to the detailed profile

Detailed Profile

The detailed profile page provides the same information as the overview plus  :

  • The expertise of the firm: capabilities and industries served
  • The type of businesses serviced (start-up to Fortune 500)
  • The strategic priorities the company is targetting (top line, costs, change, …)
  • A dedicated page on the firm’s value proposition
  • The latest thought leadership of the firm
  • The offices all over the world
  • The main contacts at the company¬† (leadership and key contacts)
  • A dedicated page on careers at the firm
  • Social links (Twitter, Linkeding, Facebook, …)
  • The ratings on the latest projects (conavigo pro-version)

Note : You can also reach the detailed profile when looking for the author of thought leadership items

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