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Why do I need two sets of credentials?

Why do I need two sets of credentials?

Put short: for more security!
When you create your account on Conavigo, you gain access to the search engine and the social platform features.
But all the information relative to your company (profile, careers, …) is still protected behind a second layer of security.
Before giving access to those, we make sure that the person asking for access has the authority to access and manage the company information.
Once you have your credentials, go to your provider dashboard using the menu or the left sidebar and select About.
You will be asked to input your credentials and … Voila.
From there managing your company information should be rather straightforward.
And if you need help, feel free to contact us.

How do I get the second set of credentials?

Once you have created your account on Conavigo, our team will verify the information and create the credentials automatically for you.
When it is done, the credentials will be emailed to you.

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